Bag-all Two Tone Tote Kuwait - حقيبة لونين

No matter if you’re going to the grocery store, beach, office, or city, this roomy tote bag won’t let you down. It’s the perfect reusable tote if you want a sustainable option while keeping it simple and stylish.

The wide handles makes the tote comfortable to carry, even when filled with a lot of heavy groceries. 

Read more about this product in our Journal.

Size & Material

  • Made from 100% natural cotton.
  • Size : 38 cm x 46 cm. Handle: 16 cm x 60 cm. 
  • Printed with eco-friendly colors.
  • Care instructions can be found on our how to page.


    This product can be monogrammed. Monogram is placed above print. To learn more about monograms click here.

    For each monogram, we plant one tree in areas of deforestation. Read more about the program here.

    Happy organizing!
    قل وداعًا للأكياس البلاستيكية مع حقيبة اليد KUWAIT المطبوعة باليد المصنوعة من القطن 100٪. من المثالي اصطحابك معك إلى الشاطئ أو عندما تحتاج إلى إحضار الكثير من الأشياء معك!
    * الحجم: 17.7 "× 15" × 1.5 "(45 سم × 38 سم × 4 سم)
    تسوق سعيد!