Camera Case - حقيبة الكاميرا

This padded Camera case is big enough to hold both a regular size camera, the charger and an extra battery. As it is padded it keeps your camera safe from bumps and scratches.

The padding, drawstring, and Bag-alls signature striped lining make this camera bag an all-around favorite! Not to mention, it’s a great gift for just about anyone, especially those who like to keep their stuff organized or travel often. Make it even more special with a monogram. 

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Happy organizing!

Size & Material

  • 100% Natural cotton.
  • Printed in eco-friendly, water based colors.
  • Size: 24 cm x 24 cm x 9 cm.
  • Care instructions can be found on our how to page.


This product can be monogrammed. Monogram is placed above the print. To learn more about monograms click here.

For each monogram, we plant one tree in areas of deforestation. Read more about the program here.

Shipping & Returns 

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Bag-all will accept returns of any unused items for any reason within 30 days, no questions asked. Products with monograms cannot be returned. 

If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact us at at any time.

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حقيبة الكاميرا مبطن مع نسيجنا الخاص.

مثالية للسفر والحفاظ على الكاميرا في مأمن من الخدوش. سوف تتناسب هذه الحقيبة الكاميرا والشاحن وربما البطاريات الإضافية أيضًا

الحجم: 9.0 "× 9.2" (22.9 سم × 23.4 سم)
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