The Bag-all book - كتاب حقيبة الكل

The book "I had a dream (but no idea)" is a book about how Bag-all came to be. It is written by the founder of Bag-all, Jennifer Jansch, and starts with her dream of having her own business, but not having any idea of what that might be. It leads us through the challenging times, the fun times, the obstacles, the successes, and up until today.

Bag-all has come a long way from starting out in Jennifer's living room to having its bags sold in over 30 countries worldwide. Bag-all now has three stores around the world, a flagship store in Nolita, New York, and can be found in many large department stores.

Jennifer believes we are all capable of fulfilling our dreams and goals. In this book, you'll find out how.

The book comes in our popular Bag of Dreams Bag.


كتاب "كان لدي حلم (ولكن ليس لدي فكرة)" هو كتاب عن كيف حدث كل شيء. كتبه مالك ومؤسس Bag-all ، جنيفر يانش. يبدأ بحلمها في امتلاك مشروع خاص بها ، ولكن ليس لديها أي فكرة عما قد يكون عليه الأمر. إنها تقودنا في الأوقات الصعبة ، الأوقات الممتعة ، العقبات ، النجاحات ، حتى اليوم. قطعت Bag-all شوطًا طويلاً من غرفة المعيشة إلى بيع حقائبها في أكثر من 25 دولة حول العالم ، ومتجر رئيسي في نوليتا ، نيويورك وتملك مصنع الطباعة الخاص بها في بروكلين

تعتقد جنيفر أننا جميعًا قادرون على تحقيق أحلامنا وأهدافنا. في هذا الكتاب ، تكتشف كيف

ويأتي الكتاب في كيس من القطن لطيف للغاية مع إغلاق grosgrain ومقبض مع النص: "حقيبة الأحلام"


"Dreamcatcher is a must read book for anyone who has a dream of becoming an entrepreneur. Having started a business myself I know how indispensable good advice and inspiration is to getting started. I wholeheartedly recommend this book which has all these components."

Robert af Jochnick, Co-founder of Oriflame a billion dollar cosmetic company operating in more then 60 countries

“I recommend everyone to read this book! I was increadibly inspired by everything in it: the text, the pictures, the quotes, Jennifers' entrepreneurship and generosity. The book will be my most important coffee table book for a long time. Dreams will come true! Thank you Jennifer!”

Kristin Kaspersen, TV-presenter, author and entrepreneur 

“This is honestly one if the best how-to-start-a-business books I've ever read. Jennifer's ability to listen to her own heart and at the same time take good advice from others literally changed and pivoted her business several times in this very personal story. She is living proof you don't have to have a perfectly thought out idea to start your business.”

Calle Sjönell, Head of Facebook Creative Shop Nordics

Comes with bag of dreams bag!